Every beautiful night comes with a dream

So exciting it is that you just can’t let go

And so boring is reality that you wake up with a grudge

When the crow of the cocks

Deprive you of such lovely fantasies


Some are funny and many are ridiculous

But a few come with inspiration that travels beyond the dream world

One of these few still leaves me in wonder

As I hope every day that it wasn’t just a dream

The sight still enthralls me; it just has to be real


Way beyond the beautiful flowing robes

The garments of purity have little to do with this

I have so fallen in love with this ummah

One so filled with love and oneness;

Where every girl is a sister and every boy, a brother


A community of the pious; where love is leveled in this light

Does it matter if you are my uterine sister?

Of what benefit is this link when you are so far from the light

A generation where the rich leave no trace of poverty

And where the pretty leave no trace of ugliness



I am thrilled by the selflessness; bewitched by the humility

Of these people whose every word seem to be a prayer

Where the pain of one is the pain of the entire nation

I am carried away by the magnificent virtues and the lofty ideologies

Will I ever compromise this for the reality?


Where is this dream; where is its hiding place?

Can I be the only one who has had a sight of it?

Tell me you have seen it too and don’t leave me alone in this

I don’t want to go crazy and I’m not being weird

This dream seemed so real; let it not slip away


Now I’ve heard of a book that has long descended to us

A book which origin is divine

It has come with a map and a compass to lead me on

 that I may finally get hold of this dream

So this book, the Qur’an is my sole guide


I have also heard of a message

Delivered by a man; whose purpose on earth was to teach the use of the book;

Alas! It has facilitated my comprehension 

That I may embark on this great search

So this message, the hadith makes this easier


With all my strength, I set out to go hunt it down

Countless days and sleepless nights; they just don’t seem enough

Combing the wide roads and the hidden narrow corners

I have searched thoroughly but it is nowhere to be found

And now I seem so weak and helpless


Then a voice calls out to me; so solemnly

“You can’t get tired and you can’t do this alone;

So blow a trumpet to beckon on them all”,

Cajoling them to join the treasure search; the time is here and we have to rise

To bring this dream to the real world


Here is the book, the Qur’an my guide,

And here is the message, the hadith, my authority

Study it carefully so we may have a strong bearing

And digest the contents so it remains in your blood forever

We may then so easily bring out this dream


But to my utmost dismay, what do I see?

Brothers folding their arms, sisters’ turning their backs and cold stares at me

“Come back my dear ones, let’s do this together”, I cry out to them

With eyes filled with tears, I begin to ponder

When will I ever find this dream?

                                  WARDAH ABBAS




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