Allah has filled the world with unlimited varieties of vegetables, fruits, grain cereals and plants. If He had willed, He could have created just one type of unpleasant tasting food and made it vital to our survival, so that we will be forced to continue producing and consuming it. However, as part of His Infinite mercy and love, Allah created a wide range of fruits and vegetables with different flavours. Allah has created people in such a way that they must eat in order to survive, and because of His mercy, has made eating an enjoyable experience.” – Harun Yahya, Love of Allah.

This short passage and many more shook me into tears in the wake of this early morning. For quite some time now, because of my busy schedule, I had not had the time to pick up a book to read. So, I decided very early this morning to add to my tiny wealth of knowledge and incidentally, Harun Yahya’s Love of Allah, fell into my thirsty hands. As my eyes travelled down a journey through the letters and words, a sudden consciousness awoke in me leaving me in a state of self – examination.  Even though I have not read the book to its end, I have decided to pause to ask myself these questions and I know you will benefit too.

  • Who am I not to be thankful?
  • Who am I not to be humble?
  • Who am I without Allah?
  • Who am I to hold tight to something so transient?
  • Who am I to disobey my one true Lord?

I cannot but wish that everyone knew how it feels to be conscious of Allah, to love Allah and to remember Him. Allah himself has asked us:

Who is better: Someone who establishes his building on the fear and respect of Allah and His good pleasure, or someone who establishes his building on the brink of a crumbling precipice so that it collapses with Him into the fire of hell? Allah does not love wrongdoers.” (SOORAH AT TAWBAH 109)

Indeed, only Allah guides whom He wills. This is the more reason we should seek his guidance at every point in our lives. Let us all reflect upon His signs, His mercies and His uncountable blessings upon us. He has given life to us all from nothing and created the world in the most beautiful and beneficial form possible. Which of His blessings can we deny? So, before we look into the mirror and fret about our facial dissatisfactions, let us remember to say Alhamdulillah for what we have as there are so many people out there who can see nothing but darkness when they look into the same mirror you are looking into. Let us not become ungrateful whiners but a humble ummah who will forever glorify the names of our Lord and Thank him for his countless blessings in our lives. Let us help our brothers and sisters to get closer to Him and develop a lasting love in their hearts for him. Let us all pass this message across.

Who could say anything better than someone who summons other people to Allah, acts rightly, and says: ‘I am one of the Muslims’?”   (SOORAH FUSSILAT 33)


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