Patience vs. Oppression

Love, InshAllah


She sat across from me crying into her hands.

I rubbed her back trying to console her. The more I rubbed the longer her sobs became.

“I juu-usst need to be patient.” Her eyeliner was starting to smear.

She needed support. She needed a friend, not someone to scold her and ask why she stuck around so long with a man who was abusive, even while they were courting.

She ignored the signs. Her silence gave him the idea that she accepted the way he was treating her.

But now, she’d had enough and was prepared to leave, infant in hand. She said her perspective changed once she had a daughter. But he refused to let her divorce him. To make matters worse, his Imam encouraged her to stay even though she was being both physically and verbally abused.

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Stay in Shape

Between Sisters, SVP!


I started reading Sex and the Citadel, and so far the book has not turned me off yet. I actually think certain passages are quite funny! For instance, this passage on copulation made me laugh so much that I was crying. To reiterate, it said that sex is the opposite of sports. While sports is widely talked about and barely practiced, sex is taboo when we know everyone is doing it! It is true if you think about it. We tend to hide from others to misbehave and make new years’ resolution we never get around to. We do it and are ashamed to talk about it freely. Having said that, I am not advertising raunchy behaviors and talks. There is no need for vulgarity when it comes to commonly taboo subjects. Copulation should not be taboo. We should talk about it openly to avoid diseases being spread, cheating, and…

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How to Start a Journey to Hijabee Nation?

Between Sisters, SVP!

“O children of Adam, We have brought down to you garments to cover your private parts, as well as for adornment, yet the garment of reverence is the best. These are some of God’s signs, perhaps they will remember.” 7:26

Do you want to wear Hijab but you feel like it will scare people in your surroundings?
Do you want to wear Hijab but you feel like it will prevent you from being appreciated?
And the list goes on…We have several excuses that prevent us from wearing it.

To be honest, I think it is our nafs that help us rationalize our actions. I have learned over and over again, that if you truly want something deep in your heart that is halal, Allah (SWT) will open doors for you to achieve it. This philosophy applies to anything in life, not just religious matters.

If you work in a non-Muslim…

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Giving Up! -_-



It’s difficult. It’s hard. It’s a misery. Feel like Giving Up. The brain tells me: It’s useless to carry on; it’s been five months now. Five months of frustration! Five months of confusion! Five months of weight loss?!… Possibly!

Just lose hope already, just GIVE UP!!!

The mind plays tricks. 

What I have suffered in a short space, others may have suffered far worse, for too long. What I may perceive to be a very long time, others might not see it long at all. Time begins to slow down reality… For some it stops. You almost convince yourself that this is never going to end, that time is never going to pass. When we are down reality becomes distorted and it becomes difficult or even impossible to see the silver lining. 

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. 

Logic tells us that time ticks on… The nature…

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The Successful Family



Marriage is a great responsibility than many of us realise, in addition raising children in the right manner is just as important… And the key component to any successful home is when each member holds on firmly to the ropes of Islam. Remember success does not come from money or power, success comes from within… Success is when the heart is content. There are many examples that are universally acknowledged on how to sustain a good marriage, how to lead a successful family but the greatest examples ever taught to mankind are the revelations from Allah (mighty and sublime be He).

He had a dream…

“…Joseph said to his father, “O my father, indeed I have seen [in a dream] eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to me.” (Surah Yusuf 12:4)

From the very beginning, when he was a young child Joseph…

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