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Between Sisters, SVP!


I started reading Sex and the Citadel, and so far the book has not turned me off yet. I actually think certain passages are quite funny! For instance, this passage on copulation made me laugh so much that I was crying. To reiterate, it said that sex is the opposite of sports. While sports is widely talked about and barely practiced, sex is taboo when we know everyone is doing it! It is true if you think about it. We tend to hide from others to misbehave and make new years’ resolution we never get around to. We do it and are ashamed to talk about it freely. Having said that, I am not advertising raunchy behaviors and talks. There is no need for vulgarity when it comes to commonly taboo subjects. Copulation should not be taboo. We should talk about it openly to avoid diseases being spread, cheating, and…

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