Pen Powered Mic I – The Verdict

Pen Powered Mic

Three days of unsettled sleep was enough of an indication that I was overly excited and anxious about the debut event. It had been bubbling in my mind for months, and for it to finally come to fruition was surreal.

Besides the panic that struck me when my laptop decided to go on sick leave on the very day of the event, everything was in place – attendees, participants and guests, and the webinar platform.

The event started at 8pm sharp – which I was determined to do, as Muslims are known to be late for events, so it was about time that script was flipped and dashed in the trash.

Names I recognised and those I was unfamiliar with popped onto the screen as everyone entered the digital venue, seats being taken, mics and speakers being adjusted, and everyone getting comfortable.

welcome to pen powered mic i Welcome Screen

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