My Goal To Sell 20,000 copies of “The Ducktrinors”!

Maa Shaa Allah! sis. U will surpass that goal. Allah surely rewards the hard-working who strive on His path.

Between Sisters, SVP!


There are 1.6 BILLION Muslims in the world, I just want 20,000 of that number to buy  a copy of The Ducktrinors :). A girl can dream BIG right? But seriously, it’s not even 1% of the Muslim population.

#BestSellerGoals #SellAndGiveSadaqah #Ambition#NotGreed

Please help a sister out in reaching to this goal by the end of 2016 insha’Allah. I hope your inner-child approves of my book and lands me next to YA best selling authors JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins and the likes ^_^.

Malik: Book 2 will come out next year insha’Allah. Help me fund Malik by buying a copy of Hanifa: Book 1 please.

Also, help me help you satisfy your curiosity about Book 2!

Buy Book 1 here .

Jazak’Allah khair,

Papatia Feauxzar

Author of The Ducktrinors: Hanifa, Book 1

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HABIBY   Dear you, This is not some tale of what my life would have been without you. Neither is it some confession Of a healed heart. But a duty to be fulfilled to you and my beloved ones; An obligatory narration of what your love has taught me how your love has transformed me … Continue reading HABIBY

World Poetry Day 2015: Hend Hegazi

Pen Powered Mic

The third poem we have for World Poetry Day is titled ‘Is There Any Hope’, and is written and recited by Hend Hegazi.

About the Poet

Hend Hegazi

Hend Hegazi was born and raised in the USA. Shortly after graduating from Smith College, she moved to Egypt, where she has been living for the past 13 years. Hend is a full-time mother of four, freelance writer, and editor. Her debut novel, Normal Calm, was published in 2014.

You can read more from Hend at:

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