“Knowledge is lost to the environment; pick it anywhere you find it”. I doubt if this is a verbatim quote but it is one of the treasures I picked up from my dad who may also have picked it up from somewhere. It just came in handy now that I’m about to share with you one very fantastic beauty regimen I learnt or rather, stole from a strikingly beautiful kanuri friend. She had a lot of traditional natural body treatments ranging from body scrubs to lotions, perfumes and other green stuffs that made her skin so flawless to the extent that the inquisitive but cautious “me” had no option but to finally succumb to prying. On my journey to discovery, I was able to gather that these treatments were mostly used for kanuri brides in the north eastern part of Nigeria who inherited it from the Sudanese who may or may not have borrowed it from the Indians. I was exposed to a wide range of these regimens but the most striking of them all was what she called the “curcur body scrub” and irrespective of where it may have originated, it has come to stay on Wardah’s green cosmetic table.

“Curcur” is the traditional name for turmeric. It was a shocking, yet wonderful discovery because this spice which has always been a component of my delicious soups and sauces was a transformational beauty secret in another part of the world.  After a few weeks of pampering my skin with the curcur scrub, I didn’t want to believe it was actually working until people began calling my attention to what they called the golden glow.

So that was it. I got the results. It was a wonderful transformation and what next? I couldn’t wait to share it with you all, especially the “bride – to – bes” among you. Besides brightening your complexion, super softening your skin and giving you a more even tone in form of a glow, the benefits of the curcur scrub does not exclude the removal of black heads, dark spots, acne blemishes and hyper pigmentation. But the secret is that turmeric alone isn’t going to do the entire job. There is a mixture formula which involves ingredients that are very easy to get; most of which you already have at home. So what more can I do than to sit patiently and expect feedbacks from those of you who are going to try out this green magic.

Turmeric – ½ cup
Milk or Yoghurt – 1 cup
Honey – 1/3 cup
Fresh lemon or lime juice – ¼ cup
This mixture is sufficient for 3 – 4 uses


1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl thoroughly until it forms a smooth paste
2. Take a shower and towel dry your body until it’s a bit moist and make sure you are standing on a tiled part of the bathroom that is easy to clean
3. Work small amount of the scrub in circular motions all over your body including the face and neck until the whole body is covered
4. Leave the scrub on for about thirty minutes before washing it off
5. After thirty minutes, wash it off with warm water, scrubbing it gently to give it an exfoliating effect
6. Towel dry your body and apply your favourite natural body oil ( I usually apply olive oil with a few drops of peppermint oil and it feels great especially for night time treatment)

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I do this usually at night because the skin is naturally healed during sleep. This can be done 2 -3 times a week just like me to achieve the maximum results after which you may then reduce it to just once in a week. The effect is felt immediately after the first try as your skin feels unusually soft and smooth. If you’re going to do this during the day, it is advised that you use a natural sunscreen (which I’m still going to discuss in later installments). I really hope you enjoy this glorious natural spa treatment. Save the thanks for me in future. Ma salaama.

This article was first published in the now defunct Young Muslimah Magazine.



  1. Ma sha Allah. I have been hearing a lot about the Kanuri/Maiduguri wives. They are known for their habit of catering for their bodies for the pleasure of their husbands. Thank you for sharing this formula. I should try it one of these days.

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