6 INCREDIBLY EASY AND INSTANT ACTS OF SELF CAREA refreshing “lose track of time” nature walk, a warm bath in a tub with a cup of sea salt or a sense – indulging aromatherapy body massage; do these self-care acts sound appealing to you? Of course! In the hurly – burly of our daily activities, from work, cleaning, kids’ stress, career, groceries, bills, commitments and what not, what more do we crave more desperately than the luxury of special “me” times where we get to put a pause to all those simultaneous energy straining daily activities and just enjoy ourselves. Who doesn’t want a long relaxing vacation out of town with ample time to bond over their favourite books or pastimes? But, in reality, we find that a lot of us wait endlessly for a beautiful opportunity to indulge in taking proper care of ourselves and it becomes quite frustrating when we just can’t find the time. To many of us, it seems like a luxury we definitely can’t indulge in at the moment.

Hold on and breathe, because here’s good news. There are simple instant self – care habits that we can incorporate into our daily busy lives which allow us the luxury of pausing and breathing in between the stress no matter where we are at the moment, be it the office or in the bedroom. These may seem too simple to make any difference. However, the great results of putting them into consistent practice cannot be overestimated. So here are a few tips from yours sincerely:

  • CALL A FRIEND: Make out some time to call a friend who makes you feel good and helps you relax. Texting, messaging and e – mailing have become too common these days and may not give you the soothing effect a phone call will give you. Just make that call!
  • A QUICK FACIAL: Splash some water on your face and wash with a mild cleanser. This is a very refreshing way to reset your mood and boost your productivity.
  • READ: An article in a magazine, a blog post on the internet and what have you. This is a very effective way to have that five minute nap your body and mind crave in between the stress. Just give it a shot.
  • MAKE SOME TEA: There’s nothing like a mood enhancing cup of strawberry flavoured black Ceylon tea in between a very important project, meeting or chore. The feeling is undeniable, so why don’t you indulge.
  • DO SOME STRETCHES: Now this IS something you can do wherever you are. It helps to loosen your muscles and relax your nerves.
  • FRESHEN UP: Open the windows to get a dose of fresh air, light an aromatic candle, burn a soul lifting incense or use a refreshing room spray, then sprawl out and get a quick nap. This will set you up for a better day ahead.

And Voila! So many of us get too engrossed in the hustle and bustle of life; neglecting ourselves in the process. However, it won’t be long before we’re battered from exhaustion and we begin to operate in a mental fog which makes it difficult to forge ahead even in the daily activities that consume our time. Always remember that taking care of yourself is very crucial to your productivity. It doesn’t need to be long and so engaging. Short and quick acts of self-care will sure go a long way in improving your mental and physical health, setting you up for a well – rounded success in life.





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